Grand Ballet Competition in Europe




【Date】 Competition, Prague 2020. 24 March - 30 March

 【Application Deadline】: Until the end of December  2019


【Date】 Competition, Vienna 2020 April 5- April 10

【Application Deadline】: Until the end of January 2020


In case In case International Forum's competition, It is the biggest cultural event in Europe. The contest has a 15-year tradition of the best scenes in Europe. The competition is under protection and sponsorship:

· European cruise company MSC

·  Exclusive award grant of subsidy of 1.000 euros Grand Prix

※ Czech-Prague Ballet School Study Abroad 2020 Summer course

※ Liner Cruise "CRUISE COSTA DIADEMA **** Tours around the world with 50% discount on family, cruise company in Europe MSC

※ Participation Form

※ exclusive crystal call

※ Special prize from sponsor

※ Television · Radio · Press

※ Prague Ballet Group Audition participation

※ Internship in Lyon, France. Summer course.

※ Internship in the UK. Summer course.

※ Internship in Amsterdam. Summer course.

※Covent Garden Ballet School in London. Summer course.

※ Summer internship at Costa Blanca in Spain.

※Internship in Vienna, Austria. Summer course.

※ Lascara, internship, Milan summer course.

※Internship at Princess Grace Academy, Monaco Summer Course.

※ Internship at School Julliard (New York) Summer Course.

Competition division:

1. Group 7 to 9 years old Classical Variation, Sean Only one in ballet shoes

2. Group 10 to 12 years old Classic 2-thVariation with Point shoes

3. Group 13 to 16 years old Classic 2-thVariation with Point shoes

4. Group 17 to 20 years old Classic 2-thVariation with Point shoes

5. Group 21 to 30 years old Classic 2-thVariation with Point shoes


 Competition schedule:

1 Day: Bus from Prague airplane to hotel, city tour, An evening boat trip at the Vltava River, a night rice,dinner to return hotel.

2 Day: Breakfast, Workshop Variation Lesson, City tour, return to hotel dinner

3 Day: Breakfast, breakfast contest qualifying round, dinner to return hotel

4 Day: Breakfast, Workshop Variation Lesson, City tour, return to hotel dinner

5 Day: Breakfast, contest battle Theater U Hasičů Theater, Gala Concert, all participants after the awards, dinner party.

6 Day: Friday, returning from Prague, there is a city tour until late night flight.

the schedule may vary depending on the group and date of arrival of the aircraft

Grand Ballet Competition in Europe Each division Selection Examination 1st to 3rd place


※ Classical Variation ・2 classical variation

 ※ Pas de deux ・2 classical Pas de deux

 ※ Contemporary ・2 composition 

※ 2 ensemble divisions ・2 composition

※ 2 modern dance ・2 composition

Competition judges

※ ANASTASIA ·  KURVA (Czech Republic)

Director of children's International Music Festival

※ FILIP BARANKIEWICZ · Professor (Czech Republic)

Artistic Director в Národní divadlo balet / The Czech National Ballet


European Grand Ballet Competition Director

※ RIBUS KURROVA (Czech Republic)

Choreographer, Professor, Prague National Consultant

※ YITKA ZAMMENNIKOVA Teacher (Czech Republic)

Professor of choreographer and conservatory.

※ SAWAKO HARUYAMA sensei (Japan)

Competition Director P.B.K. Japan Dr.


Choreographer, founder of dance school La Clave de Osha Dr.

※ROSTISLAW SHROM (Czech Republic)

Modern and jazz contemporary teacher at choreographer, choreography studio

Musics limited time within 3 minutes (From the beginning to the end of the sound, it will be disqualified if it is exceeded.) CD Please prepare 2 cards for production and backup, which contain only one song in disc.

※ Please be sure to transfer with the name of the participant himself. * In the case of more than one, you can transfer by group name.  

※ In case of transfer other than participant name, group name can not be confirmed, so application acceptance may not be possible. Please send me a copy of the scholarship copy and the documents you got from the competition with the application award.


※ It becomes "provisional application" at the time of payment of participation fee. Application form and payment will be confirmed "Application completed".

※ We will not refund your application fee after delivery. It will be refundable only when the participation becomes qualified and the participation is canceled.

※ A copy of a foreign passport valid for more than 6 months is required.

According to the rules of competition, competition participants live in the same hotel, You must register the medical insurance provided by the cruise company MSC Price MSC Tour: One person 850 Euros / tax included


4 star of the hotel's food

· Europe, cuisine breakfast and late night meal are included in the price

· European health insurance

· City tour of  visiting historical sights in the city

· Collective world view

· Boat trip, included  translator

· Visit the zoo

· Transport of participants from the airport

※ Please note that prices to Prague are not included. * Insurance in the period of travel, each participant registers itself 

※We also draw up and give invitations to the competition to those countries that need a visa


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